Useful Links

is a valuable resource for environmental regulations and methodologies in the U.S.

EPA SCRAM website:
contains a wealth of information related to air dispersion modeling.

EPA Air Pollution Training Institute:
includes links to the EPA Air Pollution Training Institute, which provides online and classroom courses related to EPA regulations and air dispersion modeling.

contains free meteorological data for ISCST3, AERMOD and CALPUFF modeling systems.

contains free digital terrain data, digital land use data, and digital line data for use with air dispersion models.

Lakes Environmental Software:
contains online (html) versions of AERMOD and ISCST3 technical documents, schedule of training courses, and graphical user interfaces for regulatory models.

contains a series of courses on Computational Atmospheric Sciences that were developed for the U.S. EPA. This covers the basis of modern air quality models, including AERMOD. See especially Course OS411C, Module 6.

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) Online Store: National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) Online Store: Click on "I want quick access to your products" to order meteorological data on CD-ROM, or to download data.
To download more recent U.S. upper air data not yet available on CDROM, use the Radiosonde Database Access at These data are free.
There is a nominal fee for most other data from NCDC.