Do you need someone to check over your AERMOD, CALPUFF or ISC modeling project?

We provide this service. The time and cost depends greatly on the complexity of the project, the model used, the detail of the review required, and the kinds of problems, if any that are identified. Contact me to discuss your needs.


Are you a consulting firm with an overflow of AERMOD, CALPUFF or ISC modeling projects?

Don't turn them down. We can help.


Do you need training in the use of AERMOD?
We offer AERMOD training within the United States through an alliance with Lakes Environmental Software in order to provide quality training courses in understanding and using AERMOD. Click here for more information and a course schedule.


Do you need a coding change in ISCST3 or AERMOD to customize it for a special application?

We can provide it. (Be aware that the resulting code may have to have specific approval from a regulatory agency if you intend to use it in a regulatory application.)


We also provide consulting in air pollution meteorology and air quality modeling, dispersion model applications (AERMOD, CALPUFF and ISC), technical and peer review of technical documents, and expert testimony. We use the ISC-AERMOD View model interface by Lakes Environmental to enable more timely completion and better quality checking of your AERMOD and ISC modeling projects.

Billing is normally based on "time and materials;" however, for some projects (e.g., training courses) a flat rate is available. Contact me for current billing rates. A surcharge may apply for expert testimony. See Statement of Charges and Conditions.